UI / UX Design


Client: Google Inc

Product:  Google Fiber and Local Marketing CRM
This CRM is used by the Local Marketing team and Google Fiber team to keep organize and keep track of everything from business leads to customer and employee progress and needs.

Role: UX / User Interface Designer / Interaction Designer
Sole ownership of designing an internal CRM for Google’s first external sales team. Page layout, Icons and UI elements. I worked with an engineering team to ensure consistent implementation.

Some of my work on this project can be seen here.

Client: Cisco Systems

Product:  Cisco SMX Security Manager
“Cisco Security Manager (CSM) helps enable enterprises to manage and scale security operations efficiently and accurately. Its end-to-end tools provide consistent policy enforcement, quick troubleshooting of security events, and summarized reports from across the security deployment.”

Role: UX / User Interface Designer / Visual Designer
I designed the layout and overall look and functionality of CSM. I wanted to design a web based solution that looks and functions more like a software product than a web page. The overall look is sleek and easily readable. It’s a complicated product to begin with but I believe that it is now more user friendly and contemporary.

Some of my work on this project can be seen here.


Client: X2ENGINE, Inc

Product:  X2CRM
X2CRM is an open source based Sales, Marketing Automation and Service application designed exclusively for companies that require a tightly focused customer information system. With special emphasis placed on marketing workflows, sales force speed and process optimization

Role: User Interface Designer / Interaction Designer
Responsible for designing the user interface and visual assets for a sales and marketing CRM.


Client: RiseSmart

Product:  Transition Concierge
“Transition Concierge® is RiseSmart‘s next-generation outplacement solution, leveraging technology and
one-on-one support to focus on the most pressing need of
laid-off workers—finding a new job fast.”

Role: User Experience Designer / Visual Designer
I designed the structure and features of an outplacement SAAS application from wireframes to implementation. My goal was to design a product that was easy to use and engaging for the client.

Some of my work on this project can be seen here.

Client: RiseSmart

Product:  Smart Source
“SmartSource is a candidate aggregation tool used by recruiting professionals to source, refine and screen job matches .”

Role: User Experience Designer / Visual Designer
SmartSource is a SAAS application that I designed from wireframes through the design process to be well-organized, intuitive, and easily scannable by recruiting professionals.

Client: RiseSmart

Product:  Recruit Concierge
“Recruit Concierge is the complete recruiting solution. From sourcing with research, name generation and pre-screens, to recruiting via resume validation, interview prep and candidate assessment, all the way through to hiring, with interview and selection, offer, reference and background checks, and on-boarding services.”

Role:  User Experience Designer / Visual Designer
Recruit Concierge needed a customizable way for our client companies to add new candidates to their databases. I created an interface that would easily fit into any company’s website and be functional as well as intuitive.
An annotated PDF of the completed project can be viewed by clicking on the image or clicking here.

Client: Dell Federal Government Technology

Role: User Experience Designer / Visual Designer
Dell Federal needed a page designed to allow users to search for open positions in their federal division.
I also designed a landing page for an employee referral bonus program

Client: Marketo

Product:  Marketo Users Community
“The Marketo Community supports the sharing of questions and new product ideas, promote social interaction between customers and employees, and serve as a one-stop knowledge base and training center.”

Role: User Interface Designer / Visual Designer
I worked with Marketo’s Community Manager to make changes to their new community site by making it easier to use as well as  improving it visually. This project was particularly challenging considering the many levels of navigation and depth of the site. I also worked with feedback from the Sr. Director of UX to find solutions to these complex problems.

Some of my work on this project can be seen here.

Client: Adchemy

Products:  WordMap, LandingPages and IntentMap
“Adchemy helps marketers improve online campaigns by making ads more relevant. Using technology that identifies, captures and maps consumer intent, Adchemy enables you to serve relevant ads across multiple online channels, dramatically improving ROI and paving the way to scalable growth.”

Role: User Interface / User Experience / Visual Designer
Designed User Interface for a Flex based SAAS application. Charged with a complete re-design of application interface including color scheme, module design and workflow with adherence to UX best practices. Developed transition sequences, Preloaders and animated elements using Adobe Flash, AS3 and Flash Catalyst. Created interactive prototypes for presentations to potential clients using Axure, Fireworks and Illustrator. Worked with engineering team to insure proper implementation of designs. Updated and maintained Style Guide for all interface components.

Some of my work on this project can be seen here.