Community Home Page

My role was to improve the look and interface of the Marketo Community website. This included the creation of icons and other graphics.

Knowledge Base Home Page

The Knowledge Base home page was designed to maintain a look consistent with the Marketo image.

The navigation of the Knowledge Base posed a particular challenge because of the depth of the site. I believe that I created a very functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem.

Marketo University

This is a design for the Marketo University home page. My job was to design and organize the complex navigation of the site as well as create icons as well as other graphic elements.


Profile Page

This a page I designed for the user’s profile page. I created icons as well as the overall look.

Edit Profile Page

This is the interface I designed for the user to edit their profile.

Manage Subscriptions Page

This is a solution that I created to let the user easily edit and keep track of all the news and groups that they subscribed to.

Redesign Concept

This is one of a few different designs that I created for a potential redesign of the Marketo Community site.

Redesign Concept #2

This is another variation of the redesign concept.