Transition Concierge

Client Login

This is an interface that I designed for customers to login through the company’s main website.

Client Upgrade Page for AT&T

There are two phases in the Transition Concierge product. Enrollment in Phase 2 was voluntary and up to the customer. My goal was to create a page that would inform the client of the benefits of upgrading to Phase 2 and increase the likelihood of an upgrade. All designs were submitted to client companies for approval.


Home Dash Design

This is the dashboard that I designed for Transition Concierge. The goal was to display important information and messages / alerts on one page that could be easily interpreted by the user. The lead product manager also wanted to incorporate an achievement game that would add points for every task complete with the goal of increasing user engagement.

Transition Concierge My Jobs Interface Design

This is an interface that I designed to search for and display job openings that were relevant to the user.



 Job Feedback Pop-Up

This is a pop-up that I designed to activate when a user gave a hand picked job a thumbs-down rating. The feedback was used to give the user more relevant job leads.


Customer Feedback Pop-Up

This is a feedback form that would slide out when the user clicked on the feedback button.

Transition Specialist Interface

I updated the interface that was used by the Transition Specialist to write articles that were automatically added to the Transition Concierge product.